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Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. According to the original principles, Qi (pronounced chee & translated as vital energy) flows around the body through channels (called meridians) with specific strength & force

It is believed that a blockage in the meridian will disrupt the flow of Qi, resulting in pain, illness & various other symptoms. Acupuncture needles are therefore inserted into specific points to ‘unblock’ the meridians & promote the natural flow of Qi, which in turn balances Yin & Yang.

In recent decades Acupuncture has gained increasing popularity in the Western world due to the development of diagnostic equipment that enables researchers to ‘visualise’ the effects of Acupuncture.

These include:

• Increased production of natural anti-inflammatories & painkillers, including ‘feel good’ endorphins

• Stimulation of areas of the brain that regulate pain

• Stimulation of certain nerves that prevent ‘pain’ signals being transmitted to the brain

• Relaxation of tight muscles and associated Myofascial trigger points (knots within taut bands of muscle and its surrounding tissue)

• Release of hormones that promote relaxation & stress reduction



ALIGN offers Acupuncture for:

• Pain relief

• Headaches & Tinnitus

• Relaxation


All practitioners at ALIGN are registered with the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists, ensuring high standards of care & safe application.


How many sessions will you need?

Each condition must be assessed individually but the effects of acupuncture can be significant after one session. However, the literature & clinical experience indicates that acupuncture has a cumulative effect & is therefore most effective with a number of sessions.


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