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‘It’s your body that plays golf, not the clubs………..’

Golf is a Sport

The PGA describes Pilates and golf as a ‘perfect match’, and claims that Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam practice the method to improve their accuracy and distance, while helping to prevent injuries. The complex, full-body movements used in the golf swing require focus, alignment, strength, flexibility, core muscle initiation, stability and balance. Pilates, originally called “Contrology” because of its fluid, precise movements, enhances all of these golf-specific aspects of fitness.

The Pilates for Golf exercise programme will help you hit the ball consistently further and straighter with reduced risk of injury and back pain. It is a technique that builds strength and flexibility, improves posture, alignment and balance. All the essential elements required for a great golf swing and game.

Pilates naturally builds long lean muscles that are ideal for generating the kind of power needed for long drives. Golfers who improve their flexibility and strengthen their deep stabilising muscles can prevent injuries and improve their scores. Fact is; successful golfers need to keep hitting accurate powerful drives through to the 18th hole. Building core strength through Pilates gives the golfer the ability to create power over and over again and will keep their strokes and them from losing steam before they hit the clubhouse!

People struggle really hard at golf and don’t get better because they don’t address the physical side. Golf is an athletic sport that requires physical conditioning. Most golfers just can’t do what a good swing requires them to do.

The fundamentals of the golf swing are based on scientific facts such as power, thrust, centrifugal force and levers. If you take tour players and break their swings down to the fundamentals, about 95% of what they’re doing is the same. Their swings look different because each player’s swing has its own personality and each player has their own body type and physical idiosyncrasies.

At the end of the day, it isn’t what club the tour player uses or what brand of ball they hit, a great game relies on physical conditioning and mental acuity; Both of which Pilates brings to the golfing client. We’ve taken the fundamentals of the golf swing and made them easy to understand without the technical terms. Often working alongside the Golf Pros, we help to refine your body and ultimately your technique to ensure you can carry out a consistent golf swing.

Previously only available in the USA and South Africa, now you can come to specialised golf clinics, individual assessments and customised one to one training in Northern Ireland. Lee-Ann Clarke & Olivia Davidson are among the first golf conditioning coaches in Ireland to have been trained in the Pilates for Golf programme. They are also members of the ‘Association of Golf Fitness Professionals’.

Performance benefits for Golf

  • Improved address (set up) position through postural collection and alignment
  • Increase your distance with added power and flexibility, rotation and stability
  • Smoother and more powerful swing due to evenly conditioned and lengthened back muscles
  • Greater accuracy of shots through improved balance and alignment while rotating
  • Less fatigue and reduced strain on the body so you can play longer without pain/injury
  • Improve your focus, confidence and have a stronger mental game.


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