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Align offers Pilates programmes which are expertly designed by qualified physiotherapists.

We provide matwork classes in Carrickfergus, which are thoughtfully planned, individualised and most of all fun and relaxed. Due to the progressive nature of Pilates, we encourage clients to enroll in 6-8 weeks of Foundational Pilates prior to progressing to other classes.

At Align we believe all our clients should practice Pilates in a safe & effective way and therefore classes are limited to 14 participants. This is to ensure you receive safe instruction, individual attention and we can monitor progressions and ensure accurate execution of all exercises. This element of Align makes us different from larger gym based classes, often run by fitness instructors with no specific training in injury management.

Pilates is widely used hand in hand with physiotherapy in the management and treatment of a variety of conditions. Therefore physiotherapists are perfectly placed to deliver Pilates classes, due to their unique understanding of how the body moves.

Pilates is a complete body work out which builds core strength, stamina and flexibility through low impact conditioning exercises. Pilates targets the core abdominal muscles, buttock & spinal muscles, as well as those in the shoulders & limbs. Pilates transforms poor posture and restores the body to balance, ensuring each muscle is doing the right job and helping you to combat the stress and strains of modern day life. Breathing techniques develop relaxation & a sense of wellbeing. The body becomes leaner, strengthened and aligned while offering you a form of stress management. Regular practice in Pilates also shows enhancement in sports performance

Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates, a German born in 1880, suffered from polio as a child & first developed his complete body training program to address weakness in his own body. During WWI he was a detained in a prisoner of war in a camp in the UK. Here he worked as a hospital orderly and became involved in the rehabilitation of the injured and weak patients, using his own method of training. After the war, he moved to New York with his wife and set up practice next door to NY ballet school, working closely with ballerinas in training & injury management. Pilates has since grown in fame and has been developed in many ways.

At Align we are trained in the Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute (APPI) method which has modified the original exercises, enabling their use in a therapeutic setting to treat injuries or be used as a safe exercise option.


Benefits of Pilates include:


Align yourself to a new you with www.alignpilatesni.com